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About Me

Certified Life Coach, Executive Coach, Working Mom, Wifey, Daughter, Friend and other duties as desired.

I’m Tara, a career woman with a constant to-do list running in my head....because you know - I’m also a mom to 2 amazing kiddos. I had always prided myself at being good at things, whether it was academics, sports, my job....but motherhood was something I definitely didn’t feel “good” at.  Heck, I felt like I was barely surviving the re-run of what had become my life. Balance? Fun? Fulfillment? Me? Where did you all go?

I had a great support system and had always been able to figure things out. But it wasn’t until I enlisted the help of a life coach was I able to pull myself from the exhausting re-run rut. 

One habit at a time, I started to nourish my mind and body to give it what it needed to feel great again.  Better thoughts, better food, better boundaries, better ability to let go. 

I not only got my energy back for my career but also for my most important mission - being a fantastic and fun mom and wife to my family (and a great friend to myself!).  

I feel like I’ve finally found that elusive “balance” and am passionate about helping other moms to find their own version. 

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