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3 Steps to Achieving Balance as a Working Mother

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

1. Get Great about Internal Validation

What is internal validation? It's not having to look outside of yourself to feel confident, to feel validated and worthy. You know who you are, what you want, and you can affirm to yourself your amazingness in ALL the roles you play. You are clear on what you value and the value you bring to the table. When you truly internalize this, and don't NEED to hear it from others (even though that is nice!), you will be setting yourself up to create the life you crave.

2. Design Your Day to Keep Your Priorities Sacred

You days string together to turn into your LIFE. Don't be at the whim of the world. Even though some things may be out of our control, there actually is SO much that is. You need to define what your TRUE priorities are. What really is going to help you achieve fulfillment and happiness? And then, get good at letting go. Let go of the guilt of saying "no" to something. Let go of the (usually unrealistically high) expectations of yourself. Let go of having to DO it all. Get good at asking for help in a way that strengthens relationships. Set boundaries with yourself that keep your TRUE priorities in line. And learn how to stick to them! P.S. This is soooo much easier once you've mastered #1 because you will have the confidence to do so.

3. Develop Routines that Hold it All Together

Our habits and routines dictate much of our life. Purposefully develop routines that you NEED in your desired life. Health IS wealth. You NEED to be healthy, mentally and physically, so create routines that renew you regularly. Keep your body moving, brain learning, fuel both well. And when you create routines for things that take up mental space and physical time (like laundry, meal planning, cleaning), you reduce your mental clutter and give yourself precious time back to what you defined in #2 above.

These steps build on each other. As long as you keep trying, you will keep learning and refining what works for you. You WILL build the life of BALANCE you crave.

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