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Do the Important Things First!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I adopted this motto when I was on maternity leave with my first child. At that time it pertained to sleeping or taking a walk over doing the dishes or laundry - the endless laundry!

I found I could EASILY get caught in the myriad of other things to do and not ever actually get to the important things (i.e. sleep, sleep, rest, connect with an adult, taking care of my body and mind).

And really not much has changed in the 5 years since I've returned to work and subsequently had another child. I still do the important things first. Or else risk not having time or emotional energy to do them.

Some examples that have worked for me:

💫 I get up at least an hour before ANYONE else in the house and workout and write to take care of my mental and physical health.

💫 My first Monday morning meeting is with MYSELF and I use it to plan and prioritize my work that week.

💫 I also have certain days I work on my most important deliverable BEFORE opening my email.

The one thing that HAS changed as now a working mother of 2 is that I PURPOSEFULLY and carefully chose what my prioritized things are…in my fully integrated work and life.

I had to re-evaluate what was actually on my priority list by creating ONE view of my goals. I had to integrate my work AND personal goals where I had previously kept them separate. I had to look at the OVERALL vision of my life - to be able to determine, when push came to shove - where I ACTUALLY needed to spend my time. And understand I actually CAN'T do it all - without literally causing myself mental and physical harm.

Prioritizing your day (as your days turn into years = your LIFE) is the second step in the Motherhood Balanced Method. I will help you implement this method in my next workshop series starting mid-November:

How good are you at prioritizing so you are living out the best vision of your life?

How do you choose to do the important things first?

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