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How Life is Like a Plate at a BBQ

I made this mistake trying to save myself some time ➡️➡️➡️ but all it really did was cause more stress.

Back when I was a weary working mom, I didn't have time to get everything that needed to get done (much less have any sort of time just for myself) one thing I tried to do was do things FASTER.

Literally, even WALK faster to the bathroom and back (one colleague always said he knew when I was on the floor because of my flourishing footsteps!) 

I mean, if meal prep or dishes or laundry only took let's say 1 hour per week vs. 2, then I'd have a whole hour to spend on myself, right?! 🤔

Well...let's just say that didn't happen.

So yes, I DID actually streamline and not spend as much of MY time on many of those things, but not by RUSHING through them (if you care to know, I have flowcharts I can share😁).

When we just try to do things FASTER, but keep the same amount of tasks, work, and worry, we usually only stress ourselves out MORE.

And essentially we are still contributing to that RUSHED feeling we are trying to get away from.

And...if you are an achiever like me, that time will be quickly filled by something else on "the list."

More is not more productive, it's usually just more busy. 🎯

In order to help me make decisions about any time, I like to think of my life like a plate at a BBQ.

You know the kind of BBQ or picnic party where everyone brings their favorite dish to pass...there are SO many delicious options.😋

You begin stacking your plate. You have some favorites like ribs and chicken, those other yummy things like ramen salad and beans, the beet and feta salad your mom said you had to try, and maybe some sides you feel you "should" take like the raw veggies.

And of course the desserts are last, but sadly you really don't have room for Aunt Sue's apple pie on your plate.

So you head back to the table with an overflowing plate, stacked high of all the things.

AND...inevitably something falls off! 😲

Or...the beans make the salad all soggy and kind of ruin it.


Sometimes, we just simply have too much on our plate. And we REFUSE to take anything off....therefore, something ends up falling off.

And in many of my clients' cases, what falls off is something they REALLY didn't want to fall (like their relationship with their husband or their own health).

So instead of trying to do things FASTER, I believe that time ALIGNMENT is the best time management strategy. 🎯

When your time is actually spent more time doing the things that are ACTUALLY contributing to those MOST important things to you in this season of life, you feel more purposeful.

Yes, this does sometimes require the uncomfortable work of taking things OFF your plate.

But it's so much more empowering to purposefully make that decision yourself, with confidence, then let it come to chance.

We say "but everything is needed"!! But it❓

Do you do anything out of "obligation"? Do you keep saying yes to something because you are afraid of what someone will think if you said "no"?

Once you take control of your plate and start making empowered choices that are ALIGNED, you feel GOOD and life opens up.

You realize that not rushing is...pretty sweet. 🌟

You realize when you have a little time for yourself, you are a more patient mother. ❤️

You realize when there's not 7 things on the calendar each weekend, you have time to just "hang out" and connect with your kids and husband. 😎

Watch my 3 minute video here for the single most helpful tool to clear a little space on that plate of yours...and feel OK about it....delegating.

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