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How to be successful & fulfilled as a working mom

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I was doing some “spring cleaning” 🌼 this weekend, and found a note in my car from probably over 3 years ago.

It was a piece of paper with a quote I had jotted down from Tony Robbins: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure”.

It comes up for many of my clients who want to be “successful” at work but don’t know how to really do this without sacrificing their sanity, health, or relationships with those who matter most.

...women who feel they are always having to choose between being successful at work OR at home..but can’t fathom having both at the same time. 💥

Time for a paradigm change

So, I think it’s time for a paradigm change for the definition of “successful”. Even the Merriam Webster online dictionary defines it as” the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.”

⭐️ But I believe anyone can BE successful without a certain position or title.
I would argue those actually are NOT the measures of a successful LIFE. ⭐️

Many times we define success in terms of only our career. But is that really what makes our LIFE successful?

🎯 Success should be internal. 🎯

And I have to admit - my definition DID change once I had kids, once I was a mother.

And I’m not saying anyone shouldn’t WANT that next promotion, or that ambitious leadership position, or deserve it or be fully confident that they can do it. BUT before making a goal, decide for yourself WHY do you want it❓

And if you are doing it to feel important because you have the title and have that external validation, I believe you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Because you are doing it to simply prove your worth, either to yourself or someone else. 💥

And when that's the case, you will get to that spot, and STILL not be fulfilled overall, still doing things to keep “proving” yourself, and most likely just be sacrificing MORE of you and the other parts of your life to be there…which as Tony notes 👆 is the ultimate failure.

Once you feel, regardless of your title or position, confident in your value....fulfilled by the fact you are utilizing your talents well, that you are doing work that is interesting to you or inspires you, THEN it will contribute to the successful feeling of your life.

But contribute…not completely define your overall life as successful. ➡️➡️➡️

How to define YOUR success

Life success comes because you have great things in 4 key life areas.

🎯 I believe you CAN have it all🎯:

⭐️ a fulfilling career, ⭐️feel like a great mom & wife, ⭐️time for yourself, ⭐️and a healthy lifestyle. BUT it takes defining and becoming confident in what that looks like for YOU.

Yes, career / contribution to society is definitely one. But if you don’t have meaningful relationships in your life, your health, or laugh and smile now and again - is it worth it? Are you going to feel like you have a “successful” life❓

So I encourage you to re-think “success” with me. What does success look like in 4 key areas of your life. And then, you can start making decisions that consider all of them.

Now THAT to me is life fulfillment = SUCCESS!

Women CAN do anything and are going to continue to prove it and set the new norm for the next generation of what success is.⚡️

🌟🌟So, download my client favorite worksheet here to start getting clear on what success means to you.🌟🌟


We can work on it together - just book some time with me.

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