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How to Find the Time You So Desperately Need

You have more control over your calendar than you may think. Start exercising it with these 3 steps to find the breathing room you crave.

🤜1. Purposefully DECIDE what matters in this season of your life (and what is less important). Remember nothing is a priority if everything is a priority.

I have an annual guiding document called my Compass that is part of the Motherhood Work-Life Success pathway and I make weekly and daily decisions with is as my master guide.

🤜2. Say no more (so you can say YES to actually what matters).

🤜3. Release the pressure on yourself to do it all. It’s simply not possible. I believe you can HAVE it all, but you can’t DO it all…yourself.

Simple in theory, but why are these things often SO hard to do?

Because it often means making someone NOT happy.

Or at least our FEAR is that we are letting someone down (which actually may not even be true).

Or WE feel like we are half-a$$ing things and not living up to our own expectations.

So….how to feel better (or at least OK) when you DO start taking more control of your calendar?

⭐️ You have to become rock solid confident in your own direction and decisions (in particular in THIS phase of your life right now…what works for you and your family?)

⭐️ Don’t let anyone else judge the success of your life, only you.

⭐️ YOU get to create your definition of a successful life, one that feels good to YOU.

And YOU have more choice over where you time goes than you may realize right now.

Which ultimately means living according to YOUR priorities.

🎯 Show me where you spend your time, I’ll show you your priorities.🎯

If you want help to start taking more control of your calendar - let's chat!

I can help you find at least 1 thing adjust in your calendar (and help you feel OK about it) to allow for the breathing room you need.

Either way, start exercising your CHOICES of where you can to bring your calendar into closer alignment with what’s actually creating your version of an overall successful and fulfilling life.

You have more control than you think - start seizing it ❤️.

Your Coach,

Tara Moler

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