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How to get MORE joy out of doing LESS? 🌟

Let this be your permission to NOT DO it all this season.

🎯 can have it all without doing it all. 🎯

If one thing I learned about MYSELF and my family these last 3 years, it’s that the slower pace is in many ways more enjoyable for us - all of us.

I’m not frazzled and stressed, exhausted from heading to a different event every day of the holiday, making sure I have a present for this and a donation for that, and the right sweater for the party.

It rubs off on EVERYONE in my family when I decide to NOT do some things and decrease our stress.

Here’s what I ask myself: What’s the reason behind this, and is there a way to accomplish it that brings more joy and less stress?

For example, what’s the reason for the family gathering? I bet you won’t say it’s to show off your cooking skills - that it is for your loved ones to all be together and share time with each other. So if preparing a meal or item is adding stress and no joy, maybe you ask everyone to bring something instead.

Or maybe you turn that chore of baking a pie baking into a fun activity you do with your kiddo (giving yourself enough time to not rush through it, perhaps lowering your expectations about the actual result😁).

An example of MORE joy by doing LESS ➡️➡️➡️

Holiday cards are a good example for me. I used to send them to the printers with my address book and off they went - done - ✅ - next!

It was something I just had to check off the list. I toyed with not doing them at all, but realized I did derive some JOY from this - but it was from MAKING the card and sharing with those people I actually wanted to send a message to. I wanted to feel that connection to those I was sending to.

I got to look through pictures from the entire year and travel down memory lane and just relive so many great memories. Even though I ended up selecting most from our family photo shoot 😆 which I also currently do every year because I LOVE the having photos of the kiddos at this age.

THAT’S what I absolutely loved about the process - THAT’S where the joy comes in.

So….MY more joy, less stress version = still make the card, order less, send to those who I care to write to and ones I know will adore the kiddo picts as much as I do. And I give myself TIME to enjoy writing and sending them over a few weekends…and my 1st grader even helped this year.

❌ I ALSO feel if this isn’t joyful for you, give yourself permission to just NOT do all! ❌

So… what’s the reason behind the things you have scheduled or DO this holiday and is there a way to accomplish them that brings more joy and less stress?

P.S. In January, I'm offering 10 women a completely free coaching session to help them create the SPACE they crave in their life to have it all.

⭐️ Be more present with their family

⭐️ Gain control of their schedule to feel less rushed

⭐️ Release the guilt of not being able to DO it all

🎯 You CAN have it all, you just can’t do it all.🎯

If you are still reading this - I bet you identify with what I’ve been writing about - message me to secure 1 of those 10 spots.

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