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Hush the Rush

My clients (and myself!) rush because of these 2 reasons:

  1. There’s a time constraint and you need to finish this thing to get to the next (always “running late”).

  2. There’s no actual time constraint, you just want to be OUT of what is uncomfortable or what you see as a “waste of time”.

The reason why #1 happens is this - and it's not rocket science....

Sometimes, your plate is just too full. 💥 Period.

I often think of the amount of time in my life like a plate at a BBQ. I LOVE food, I love trying different things and getting a bite of everything. And I often just keep piling it up (cue my Grandma telling me that my eyes are bigger than my stomach). 😋

BUT what happens when I inevitably overfill my plate❓

Something falls off on the way back to the picnic table.

And sometimes it’s something I don't really care about (those carrot sticks I put on there out of obligation), but sometimes it’s something I REALLY wanted (that slice of Ms. Terri’s carrot cake).

It’s much more empowering to be able to evaluate your plate and CHOOSE to take something off (that PTA meeting or 5th extracurricular activity for the kid) rather than leaving it to chance as to what falls (date nights with your husband which nourish that critical relationship).

You rush because you’ve packed your schedule to “maximize” your time.⚡️ Instead of designing it for the ultimate overall life you crave.

And when us high achievers set out to achieve, we get busy.

I’m all for productivity (and actually have lots of hacks I could share), but I’m come to the conclusion we shouldn’t be striving for productivity 100% of time.

We will burn out. We are burning out. ➡️➡️➡️

We miss the good stuff IN THE RUSH of getting to the next thing on our (packed) schedule.

Even in my time-boxed schedule I have an allocation that just says “Being” (vs. Doing). There is nothing to do at that time except be present with my family and my life.

And in order to HAVE time to allocate to just BEING, you need have some space on your plate. 🤜

You need to be able to actually SEE the top of your plate, not have every single ounce covered and covered 3 items high. 🎯

You need to realize that the way you squish (yet another) thing in is CAUSING the rushing. And ask yourself: Is THIS really the life I want? To pass through everything in a busy blur just to check it off the list?

You need to realize that you can HAVE it all:

✔️ a career you are good at and passionate about

✔️ deep connected relationships with your family. friends, and colleagues

✔️ and a healthy mind and body

>>>>> but you can’t DO it all. 🎯

So, if you are serious about creating some space on your plate, being able to CHOOSE the thing that comes off ➡️➡️➡️ I encourage you to do this 15 minute exercise.

It’s a sample record and reflection on what you spend your time on, and then using my 5 powerful off-plating techniques to give yourself some breathing room.

My most recent client saved 2 hours right off the bat.

Commit to stop rushing. You CAN do something about it. 🙌

Hush the Rush exercise:

P.S. If it would be easier to have a personal guide (me!) to help you, don't hesitate to message me.

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