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Instead of a resolution ❌, try a revival this year 💥

This year, try a revival of something that brings you JOY, something that is FUN.

🎯 Doing this will elevate many other areas of your life. 🎯

Don't believe it's THAT powerful?

Have Catherine Price (a researcher and expert in FUN) convince you in this TED talk.

I've done a bit of reflecting on what elements typically lead to FUN and JOY for myself. And for ME, they usually are active things that include the outdoors and also experiencing "new" places (even when they are local).

So this year, I'm committing to exercising my adventurous side again with a little more travel and getting outdoors more regularly...especially in the woods and water we have basically in our backyard - by myself and with my family.

My kiddos have also been asking about camping more (adventure ✅ and outdoors✅!)

What could you revival that would make 2023 more FUN and JOYFUL for you (on a regular basis)❓

⚡️What could break up the monotony of your life and bring a whole new energy to it? ⚡️

I'd be happy to guide you through the exercise I did to find my fun elements and help YOU make a do-able plan to get your FUN in this year. Message me and we'll find a time to chat!

And if "fun" feels like a stretch right now (maybe you feel like you are barely surviving)....I feel ya. ➡️

I was there 4 years ago, which is why I created the Motherhood Balanced Program. It's designed to help high-achieving working moms take control of their time and feel good again about all the areas of their life. ❤️

My door is always open to chat.

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