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Is it “worth it”❓ How Sarah decided on her next career move...and so much more.

Below was EXACTLY Sarah’s* short term goal when she came to me for private coaching 2 months ago:

In 3 months, it would be great if….

💥 “I was able to just be present. Just live. I just want to be at a point where my brain is slowed down and I’m not always rushing through things to get to the next thing.” 💥

I reminded her of that goal just this week - and she was floored. She said she forgot she had written that, and that now it’s her reality. ❤️❤️❤️

She’s by all definitions a high achiever. She gets stuff done. (Mind you she got a Master’s degree while working full time AND birthing her second child!). She has aspirations for herself and her career. She has a full family life.

She initially came to me with a short-term urgent decision to make: is this next career opportunity “worth it”❓

These career decisions are HUGE as they also usually have consequences for our overall life (our schedule, our feelings of fulfillment, our stress levels…all of which impact how we show up for our family).

I helped her assess and reflect on HER values and what SHE indeed wanted out of this season of her life. She was able to answer that urgent question for herself in short order.

And honestly, the actual decision isn't the important part in my book. It’s that she was able to feel GOOD and confident and SURE about her decision. I could see the weight come off her shoulders the moment she realized it.

But it didn’t stop there. ➡️➡️➡️

She told me after our very first session (her free Balance Breakthrough Call), she started seeing things differently - and that her perspective is only growing. People (beyond herself) are even noticing. 🌟

She’s doing things like

🌟 making time for herself,

🌟 laughing,

🌟 being present with her kids,

🌟 and not constantly stressed out….

🌟 all while continuing to add great value in her job and feel even BETTER about the contribution she is making.

She even finished a key project that had been sitting out there half-done (no time, too busy….) for years - now THAT felt good…to be productive and not just busy. 🎯

She had a tough family situation come up that forced a lot of unplanned schedule changes. She said instead of “freaking out” about the loss of control, she was able to make adjustments and discern what was “worth” worrying about and what just needed to be let go of.🙌

She (and others) notice how the time she spends with her kids now is so much more QUALITY time. Her phone is away. She’s more present to simply ENJOY those moments. She can leave the dishes and the cleaning without that compulsive feeling to “get it all done”...right now. ⚡️

She told me the biggest unexpected benefit is her CONFIDENCE. Not only in the decisions she’s making about her career, but in her marriage and her relationship with her husband.

She is realizing she can ASK for what she needs. That he is perfectly CAPABLE of caring for the kids, allowing her stress and guilt level to decrease and even get some much needed time away with her friends.

“These sessions have let me see how I’m living my life, and just be so much more conscious of where I’m going. It’s been life changing. I’m not exaggerating.”

We are always so busy that reflection often gets left by the wayside. But it’s critical for growth. Think about the last time you really GREW in something - you probably had a pretty intentional plan. 🤔

As I mentioned in my interview with Laurel, I have a coach for anything I’m serious about working on. (Feel free to watch it to also learn more about the process YOU can take to achieve balance in your life!) It’s the skills and perspective the coach brings, and the reflection and help to stay accountable to MY goal(s) via compassionate support (not like a task-master). ❌

If you know something needs to change (like I did that pivotal night I talked about with Laurel)…if you want to be able to be more present, more relaxed, more connected and your time aligned to what is truly important to you right now, and highly productive (instead of just busy)....let’s talk. 💥

I have 2 private client spots still available.

✔️ We work on a monthly basis (no minimum)- YOU get to choose when to say “I’m good” and stop at the end of any month.

✔️ We meet 1:1 every other week - so it’s not super taxing on your schedule.

✔️ You can choose if there’s an urgent issue you want to work through OR start going through the 3 steps of the Motherhood Balanced Method with designated short videos and exercises.

✔️ And the monthly cost is less than a week of daycare. 😲

“Worth it”❓ See for yourself - my goal on a Balance Breakthrough Call is to help you make a decision you are confident in and is right for you.

❤️ Tara

*Real client, not real name. I’m so grateful for her and her willingness to allow me to share her experiences.

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