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💥 The 2 Sequential Steps to Reduce Overwhelm 💥 (for good!) 💥

I wanted to be Evie Garland long before I was a mother. ⚡

You know - that girl from Out of This World (anyone else a child of the 80’s?🙋 ) who could stop time with her fingers.

{No time to read this? Listen here:}

Somehow, I knew even back then that a superpower like that could come in handy. 💥

And when I entered into Motherhood, and now as a busy working mom of 2 kids, I wish I had it on a daily basis. ✨

I felt like I was barely making it by.

  • Rushing from one thing to the next to the next and then literally falling into bed completely exhausted at the end of the day.

  • Only to wake up and start the cycle over again.

  • Feeling less fulfilled (and competent) at work AND at home….not being able to give either one the quality “me” I want to give.

  • Overwhelmed by the things I have to remember to do, sometimes even waking up in the middle of the night with a gasp of “I forgot!” or “I have to remember…”

➡️ Despite my best and hardest wishes, I never quite figured out how to stop time…or make more of it.

BUT I did learn I had MORE CONTROL over my time than I realized. 🌟

I did these two things that really helped the weight of overwhelm start to resolve:

  1. I clarified what I REALLY wanted in this phase of my life in 4 key areas. It made decisions about where to spend my most precious resources (time & energy) WAY easier (and less guilt-ridden).

  2. THEN I implemented 3 ways to clear some space on my plate for 👆 those now clarified things.

I felt….lighter, able to create a little breathing room in my life, actually re-introduce some things I had lost time for that brought me immense joy, more connected to the people who mattered so much in my life. ❤️

Book a free Balance Breakthrough call with me and I can walk you through this amazing process ➡️➡️➡️

💥 Because I believe you can HAVE it all, you just can’t DO it all. 💥

🎯 You have more control over your time than you think - seize it. 🎯


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