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The 3 steps I used to regain fulfillment & joy in my life

I still have this bracelet hanging up on my bathroom mirror where I see it each and every day. A few years ago (pre-COVID), my yoga studio was creating these for people with their “one word” intention scribed on it.

No time to read? Listen/watch here:

I gave my “one word” a lot of thought actually. How could I sum up (in 1 word!) what I really wanted❓

At the time, I had recently gone back to work after maternity leave with my second child. My life was beginning to feel like ground hog day, the same exhausting day over and over and over.

I honestly felt like I was flailing (and failing) on all fronts, barely holding it together (and sometimes clearly NOT). 😒

There wasn’t enough TIME (nor energy) to make everything I was doing “before” fit back together in my life in a way that was SUSTAINABLE.

So I thought long and hard about what I REALLY wanted….in THIS season of my life…knowing that I wanted to continue my career doing things I was passionate about, and also being that present, patient, caring, and fun person to be around for my two kiddos (and my husband). ➡️➡️

I narrowed it down to 2 words, and asked the woman at the yoga studio if those would fit.

🌟 Fulfilled

🌟 Joyful

Those were my 2 words.

I wanted to get to a place where I felt fulfilled overall in my life. Fulfilled personally AND professionally. Overall, having a life that fit together in a way that would allow for that joyful feeling more often. 🎯

So even though I knew where I wanted to go, I didn’t quite know how to get there. I just kept trying stuff until magically (we know it’s not magic) Facebook sent me a life coach that helped me figure it all out.

And from the moment I finished working with her, I KNEW I had to pass it on. Thus, I have been getting certified as a life coach (even though I’ve coached process improvement for over two decades), studying neuroscience, and applying, developing, and teaching my OWN program for almost 2 years now.

And I want to give you the 3 steps to the program, so you can perhaps start working on an area you think could help you.

So here are the 3 steps to the Motherhood Balanced Program which was essentially the path I followed back to my 2 words: Fulfillment and Joy.

🤜 Step 1: Getting clear and confident on YOU...

... and everything you bring to all the roles you are. Building the skill of how to validate yourself (I call it Internal Validation) - instead of depending on others comments or opinions of you to feel confident. This is critical and not something I learned until my 40's. (I sometimes wonder what it would have been like going through my younger life WITH this skill).

Trust me, this is a prerequisite for the other steps. You will STRUGGLE to set boundaries, say no, and make decisions you feel good about if you try to do those things without this step.

🤜 Step 2a: Calling out what you REALLY want…in this season of your life.

What 1 (or 2) words would you choose? Or better yet, take 15 minutes and do the exact exercise I do with my clients called the Clarity Compass.

🤜 Step 2b: Aligning your time and energy to those things you've PURPOSEFULLY decided (above).

Saying no to the others. Slowly weeding out the things that don’t contribute (or negatively contribute) to what you truly want, in this season of your life.

🤜 Step 3: Locking in your “new life” with routines.

Routines and habits that renew you on the regular, keeps your life headed in the direction you choose, and clears out the mental clutter. Some examples in the Motherhood Balanced program include a 30-minute weekly planning process, a transition from work to home process, quick journaling, and fun identification.

It’s actually pretty simple, but not EASY.

The Motherhood Balanced Program has neuroscience backed reasons why it works, is PRACTICAL above all else, and is a step by step PROCESS (did I mention I’m an engineer and LOVE a good process). It will give you back more time than it takes. 💥

Let me be your 1:1 coach to guide you through it so YOU can bring back 2 words that mean the most to you.

What would be YOUR 1 or 2 words? Or, as I mentioned above, start with a client-favorite exercise I call the Clarity Compass and watch how your time will almost start automatically aligning more to what you write down.

Book a call here to talk to me or learn more about the 3 step Motherhood Balanced Program:

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