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The antidote to "Mom Guilt"

The top 3 reasons my clients (and maybe you too) experience “mom guilt” ➡️➡️➡️

No time to read, no problem! Listen/watch here.

  1. You are not meeting someone’s expectations (real or perceived, voiced or not)

  2. You are not meeting their OWN expectations

  3. You feel whatever you are doing at the moment - it isn’t the “right” thing - you really “should be” doing something else...being more "productive".

There's usually some work to do in uncovering these, but the solution is the same.

The antidote to all of these is CONFIDENCE.💥

Confidence in your decisions, about where you spend your time, and about the value YOU bring to all the roles you play.

Confidence will allow you to:

🤜 Drop your kids off at daycare and not feel guilty

🤜 More easily make those everyday trade-off decisions about where to spend time

🤜 Go out to dinner with your girlfriends (and NOT feeling bad about it)

🤜 Start applying for jobs that would be a better fit (and getting one!!)

🤜 Stop relying on bosses or teammates to confirm that you are doing a good job to know it

🤜 Feel like you are a great mom, despite the dirty dishes in the sink or mess in the room

🤜 Delegate more and bow out of unnecessary meetings

🤜 Not feel that urge to check email all the time or be available

🤜 Be able to say no to an event or a meeting outside of your working hours

🤜 Negotiate a more fair distribution of family stuff that has to get done

And the list goes on…..

All of these 👆 are ACTUAL things women have created for themselves in the Motherhood Balanced Program.

And they may seem like small things, but they compound to create life that you feel GOOD about again. That you feel in control of and feels like YOURS.

🎯 Confidence is not something you have, it’s something you create.🎯

Choose to reclaim YOUR life and CREATE confidence.

Yes, there are ways to CREATE your own confidence, confidence that allows you to know you are making the right decisions, say no more easily, and simply let some things go.

Choose to take control of your time and your mind so you can find fulfillment in your work, relationships, and yourself…guilt free:)

❤️ I have spots open in the 1:1 Motherhood Balanced Program. Just message me to learn more or book a free call here. ❤️

Release the weight of other’s expectations and define your OWN success for yourself.

🌟 Bask in confidence instead of drowning in guilt.🌟

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