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The Antidote to Overwhelm is Focus

"The antidote to overwhelm is focus." - Karlee Fain

Two years ago, I dropped down to .8 (meaning I cut my official working hours). I thought that more TIME away from work would allow me to feel more balanced.

In reality, TIME didn't solve my overwhelm and balance problem. In some ways, because I was working LESS, it just exacerbated it.

What I learned was that TIME was only 1 component of that feeling. I could be busy all day, and still get to the end of the workday and think "I still have soooo many things on my To Do LIST. Ugh."

And then came the thinking of THE LIST, that ate into that TIME I had just allotted myself to be OFF work. The anxiety hit me and it impacted my sleep, my ability to be present when I was with my family, and my overall sense of accomplishment (i.e. failure).

Overwhelm not fixed.

So I kept trying and learning. Here are some things that actually DID help and finally allowed me to feel more BALANCED:

🌟 First, I had to realize I was going to die with a to do list. It's just in my nature. But WHAT I got done on that list (or not done) didn't define my worth. Only I could do that - and I reconfirm that every morning.

🌟 I purposefully determined my focus each week (both personal and work)...I have a High Impact Weekly planning process that works for me. Give me a "curious" if you want me to post about it.

🌟 I told myself THESE things (on the 👆 High Impact plan) are what were going to really move the needle - and those other things that remained on my list week after week after week - I just had to let some of those go....forever.

🌟 I decided what was "good enough" - perfection is a game of diminishing returns.

🌟 I CELEBRATED the work I DID get done, the IMPACT I made (literally also have a sheet for this on my wall to record each week!)

🌟 I set my work hours, and rarely do I work or accept meetings outside of them. Because guess what's also on my High Impact Weekly plan - connecting with my kiddos and partner to foster that relationship I crave - it's one of my stated and planned for goals for the week.

⚡️What has made a difference in helping you to feel balanced?⚡️

If you are struggling with balance, I offer a virtual and in-person workshop series - would be happy to talk to you more about it.

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