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The SIMPLE trick to be more present in the moment

How trading some evaluation for appreciation can make you happier and more present ➡️➡️➡️

Last month, I was getting a massage. I realized as I’m ON THE TABLE, I’m like writing a google review in my head. I’m comparing and contrasting each little thing to other experiences and massage therapists I’ve had in the past. 🤦‍♀️

No time to read? Listen/watch here:

So, I’m thinking….again as I’m ON THE TABLE supposed to be relaxing…

“Oh - she did a nice job on the back, but could have used a little more time on the feet. Nice pressure, but odd technique on the lower arm....transitions are clunky. Head and jaw - YES I definitely need to see her again”.

Talk about ruining a good experience….

THAT, my friends, is the OPPOSITE of relaxing. It's evaluating. It's not simply appreciating the good and the amazing in the moment. It's looking for the faults and the "could be betters".

What changed?

So, for my most recent massage this past week, I REALLY tried to appreciate more than evaluate. When my head would turn to thoughts of comparison or critique, I literally would almost whisper “appreciate” to myself and take a big breath.😌

Which essentially pulled my brain back to just feeling the moment and being present. It wasn’t a magical solution, but I could feel a shift, a difference.

I believe there IS a place for evaluation. There IS value in reflecting, dissenting, and learning so you can improve situations or improve yourself.

But I would argue we spend FAR TOO much time finding all of the faults and evaluating vs. appreciating the good of the moments.✨

I will always reflect and evaluate, but now I try to just box it in a little more. Give it the “right” amount of time and space after the fact so that I can make improvement but not to drown out the present.

I realized when I spend more time purposefully APPRECIATING verses evaluating, I'm a much happier and present person in ALL facets of my life.💖

Where do you think YOU could appreciate more versus evaluate ❓

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