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This 1 tactic found me TIME on my full plate

Clean your plate 😋.

How many of you heard this as a kid?? I think we could use another dose of it as busy, working moms.

No time to read, no problem! Listen here.

Our plate = the totality of things (the good, the mundane, the annoying, the joyful…) in our life that utilize our time and attention.

I guess it’s the metaphorical plate of life 🧐 Aaaaand…that’s about as philosophical as I get….I’m more into PRACTICAL. ⚡️

So here’s a practical skill that has MASSIVELY helped my life: delegating (also includes outsourcing) .

It’s one of 3 tactics I teach in the Motherhood Balanced Program to get things OFF your plate.

The bad news:

🔥 Your plate is ONLY so big, and SOMETHING is going to fall when it gets too full. 🔥

The good news:

YOU have more control that you think of your plate…what stays and what goes. So the things that fall (i.e. you CHOOSE to take off) aren’t those things you REALLY don’t want to fall (like your relationship with your significant other or kids). 🔥

Many times, we just keep taking things on without even thinking about it. We wined up with simply too full of a plate.

🎯 More is not more productive, it’s just more BUSY 🎯

Here is a work and a home example of how delegating has eased busy working mom’s lives:

Once my client realized that she was actually kind of being a micromanager and not allowing her team to grow…she became a better delegator, and a better leader. Because she could then focus on the bigger picture - THAT’s what she was hired to do - THAT’s the value she brings to the table. 🌟

Once another client realized that she didn’t have to carry the whole burden of “what’s for dinner”, meal planning, and prepping, it allowed her to not “dread” coming home and to be able to focus on being excited to see her family.⭐️

So…TAKE CONTROL of your plate and delegate. ✔️

Where (at work or at home) can you better use this tactic❓

If you need help deciding WHERE and how to delegate (without feeling "bad" about it), let's chat!

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