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What I Bought on Black Friday

No time to read: LISTEN (or watch) here as you commute, take a walk, or just unwind.

As you are gift searching, buying, unboxing, decorating, baking…..thinking a lot of others and giving (your time and your $$$), I want to send you a gentle reminder:

Make sure to ALSO think about yourself.

What do YOU need and want❓

How can YOU enjoy this season more❓

What can you do to SLOW down a little and just be present for all the joy, instead of all the rush and stress❓

I have to admit I was shopping on Black Friday….from the comfort of my living room and in my pajamas.

Here’s what I bought:

🌟A 60 minute massage (that I’m planning on MYSELF the last week of December sometime)

🌟Lodging to a ski weekend outside of Denver (with two amazing women friends for January)

🌟A new Kindle (for better wind-downs at night that DON’T include my phone or social media)

🌟A kids baking set (for my kiddos)

Does this mean I’m not caring or selfish because most of those things were for me? Nope. I care for others a LOT.

💫 And in order to care for those I love the best, I KNOW I need to care for myself also.💫

And I know this HAS to occur on a regular basis, not just on Black Friday.

I have a weekly half-day set aside for ME, but I’ve been noticing that the last month other things have been creeping in that time instead of that purposeful time I had blocked for myself (to play outside, read a good book, I sometimes get a pedicure…).

I can FEEL the difference when "my time" doesn't happen. I’m more up-tight, stressed, “wound-up” .

Ironically, doing things on my to-do list during that time isn’t actually making me feel better, I come out feeling WORSE.

So….I needed a reminder to myself, and thus I'm reminding you too:

🎯 Spending time (or some $$$) on yourself ISN’T selfish, it’s necessary. 🎯

And if you realize what you ACTUALLY need is to get out of the stress and rush cycle for good, book a free Balance Breakthrough Call.

I will help you decide if the the Motherhood Balanced 3-step method can get you there (not push you into it - promise).

"I am gifting this to myself." ❤️❤️❤️ actual recent client statement. She's only 1 session in, and I can tell she doesn't regret it.

WHAT is something YOU want to do or get for yourself?? I'd love to hear it!

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