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Who else is celebrating today? 🎉

Not the party till midnight and drinking kind...THIS is actually WAY more satisfying....

I'm celebrating my progress on my 2021 goals:

✅ Feel fulfilled and be more mindful / practice mindfulness

✅ Do something I LOVE outside 1 x week

✅ Reduce drinking and eating to combat stress and boredom

✅ Maintain my happy weight (the weight I'm healthy and feel good at)

✅ Sleep well

So I teach about goal setting and I KNOW these are not SMART goals - but they did their job this year - and kept me going in the direction I wanted to go.

But it wasn't just the GOALS that kept me going. It was also my "little blue book" and the habits I've built around it. This book resides in my bathroom drawer it has been critical to keeping me moving towards my goals the last 2 years. Here's how I use it:

🌟 In the very front, I have "what I want to be known for"'s a list of those things I essentially hope someone will mention about me at my funeral (gotta keep that end in mind, right!?) - I read that from time to time to remind me of truly what's important.

🌟 And then a summary of some goals (10 years away backing into THIS year's goals).

🌟 But the GOOD part happens EACH WEEK. When on Sunday (or Monday if I'm just beat), I write at the top of a clean, fresh page: Goals Week of (date). I try to focus on just 3 things that week (that I now feed into my weekly High Impact Plan).

And I truly enjoyed flipping through this book today and literally SEEING my progress - some forward, some backward, some absent - each week. Here are some of the more frequent weekly goals that just keep showing up. And THESE, I am better about actually measuring. I see various ways like grids and tally marks throughout the weeks 😁

🤜 Practice meditating 1 time a day for ten minutes

🤜 Gratitude journal daily

🤜 Re-institute / revise morning mental routine and do it daily

🤜 Rock my workout program

🤜 Drink < 5 drinks this week

🤜 Zero dessert binges

🤜 Follow meal plan and prep like a boss this week

🤜 Find time to be outside this week

🤜 Get outside daily

🤜 Meditate daily

🤜 Plan daily fun activity to do with kiddos (that fills both our cups)

The other thing you may notice - these goals are all self-centered. This doesn't mean I didn't achieve big things like launching 2 new programs for Michigan Medicine, becoming a certified life coach, starting my own business to help other high-achieving moms achieve more BALANCE in their lives while not sacrificing their hard earned career progress....

It means I've discovered that when I am self-centered, when I focus on taking care of me and my needs, I CREATE the energy and motivation I need to do all of those other things. I'm a more patient, more fun, and more present mother and partner...and all of those actual important things someone will (hopefully) say at my funeral.❤️

If this seems like overkill - start with something just WEEKLY. Just get into a habit of setting aside ten minutes each week to reflect on your last week's goals and adjust for the upcoming week. You may surprise yourself where you end up in a year.

I can't wait to see what I can accomplish in 2022! 🥳

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