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You are more than a Mom

How many of us have said "Oh hi,  I'm ____'s mom".  I literally just did this last week - I didn't even use my OWN name! 😆

I am more than a Mom, and so are you.

Although I feel like this 1 identity took over everything for awhile when I became it....a tired mom, a busy mom, and overwhelmed mom, a worried mom.😒

A lot of women, myself included, feel like when we enter Motherhood we kind-of lose ourselves. Yes, I gained this really important title, but what happened to those other parts of me I loved❓

I literally wrote in my journal after my son was born "I feel like a shell of my former self".

Motherhood is so profound of a change, I believe you simply can't be the exact person you were "before".  

But what if you could re-discover the new version of yourself and realize that woman is pretty awesome, too? 😍

⚡️ You won't be the leader you were before Motherhood, you're more effective now. You have perspectives and a lens that was impossible to have "before".

⚡️ You won't be the "hard" worker you were before Motherhood, you are more discerning now and prioritize to meet your overall life goals. You are learning the ability to sort out what is actually more important to utilize your time with.

⚡️You won't be the "party like it's 1999" girl you were before Motherhood (WAY "before"), you'll get to have living room dance parties with your kids and not care how you look doing it. (Although I have to admit I just had a BLAST going dancing with 1 of my girlfriends on Saturday).

⚡️You won't be the spontaneous "I'll be there in 5" friend, but you'll get to redefine everyday playfulness and create new ways to schedule variety in your life. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it's possible.

⚡️What else ARE you - along side being a great mother?⚡️

And…if you currently don’t believe you are an AMAZING mother, I want you to write down 5 reasons that you ARE

You don’t have to be the perfect mother all the time to be just what your kids need. 

Start looking for all the ways you ARE meeting their needs (instead of how you aren’t)...and you will start being able to give yourself the credit you deserve. ❤️

With Love,

Tara Moler

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