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Create the fulfillment &  Balance You Crave

Be the mother AND the career woman you've always envisioned


without sacrificing your health, sanity, or precious moments with your family.

feel GOOD about shutting work off for all those other important things!

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Don't wake up a few short years from now with regret. 

Where did the time go with my littles??  Did the last years really pass in such a blur of exhaustion and never ending to-do lists that I can hardly recall the daily joyous moments?  

I thought it would get easier if I just could just get by until they were older...or until that project was over….or the pandemic was no longer raging….but it never really did.  I still feel like I’m sooooo busy, rushing everywhere (even if it's virtual), and overwhelmed. 

I can't keep all the balls in the air and feel like I'm failing.


I don’t have time for the things I know I need in my life: fun (I used to be fun - I swear!), time for myself, energy to stay healthy and keep up with our schedules and my kids.

Your Biggest Fear


Do you want to feel balanced and confident in your decision making, knowing that you are creating a life by design and focused on the things that really matter?

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<FREE guide>

The joyful Balance:  A Guide for Working Moms to Reclaim Fun & Time for Themselves

...without the guilt.

Uncover what YOU can have fun and make time for yourself 


...without feeling guilty or it being just "another thing" you need to do.


Balance Breakthrough Call

Let me help you define YOUR next step towards balance

Come as you are.  Let's just chat about what's going on in your life. 


Let me listen and give you a tactic to help you feel better.

I'll also assess your needs to see if any of my programs would be beneficial to you.

45 minute complimentary coaching session


Motherhood work-life success system

 Bite-sized modules and exercises paired with group and 1:1 coaching to get you FULFILLED & BALANCED.

Learn how to better manage your time, set boundaries, ask for help effectively, let go of non-priorities (and the guilt!), and understand and create the habits that keep YOUR life in balance.

We move at YOUR pace and I help you in exactly the areas you want.

Ongoing Program (4 months long)


How I can i help?

Hi!  I'm Tara Moler, a Leadership and Certified Life Coach, specializing in helping working moms who feel they're failing at managing both high-achieving work and being the mom they want to be.


I help them reclaim their life and eliminate overwhelm by taking control of their time, priorities, and mind so they can find fulfillment in all areas of their life...guilt-free.


I've been teaching and coaching for over 15 years in the professional space.  I LOVE helping people improve what matters to them.

And now, more than ever, mothers need help creating the balance they CRAVE in their life.  I believe you can have BOTH a thriving career you are passionate about AND be the mother you've always envisioned for your kiddos.  When I combine those two things, that's what creates a lot of happiness and fulfillment for me.  


There is an art and a science to fulfillment.  The tools and strategies I use have not only have they helped me - they are backed by evidence and practical! (I'm an engineer by training and by heart & mind).


 I will be there for you every step of the way.  I will encourage you and have confidence in you (just like my coach did for me).  I will help you reflect to define your needs to get to the balance you desire.

I was living in a chaotic state just a few short years ago.  I had returned from maternity leave from my second child.  I remember the night my husband came into the bathroom as I was crying (again).  Feeling like I was living in that Shrek 2 scene where the days just re-run over and over and over in a blur of the same. I was FAR from happy.  I was FAR from fulfilled.  I felt the daily tug-of-war between what I thought I needed to do to be a good mom and homemaker and what I needed to do to be a good employee and leader.  Frankly, I felt I was falling short at all of those roles.  I was simply trying to get through each day as it came at me and then collapse into bed to have it all happen again tomorrow.   Well my partner told me (very supportive and well-meaning) that we just needed to "grit our teeth and bear it" for a little longer.  Until the kids were a little older - it would all get better.  


But I didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  This wasn't sustainable. I didn't see how TIME would make me feel better.  So I made a decision that night - that I was going to be my own hero.  I was (somehow) going to find a way to feel...alive again, happy again, fulfilled again.

What people say

I was able to create more balance by learning that it’s ok to take time for ME. It’s just as important as the time I give to others, if not more important. Having a balance with myself, my kid, my husband, my job… with life was much much needed.

- Jessicia

(Healthcare administrator & mom of 2 year old)

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